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Washing and drying

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The cleaning and washing phase of the vegetables must be effective, but also delicate, in order not to alter the quality of the product. The experience gained over many years has taught us that washing technology and the product to be washed are deeply interconnected, which is why we offer a range of specific machinery for the cleaning needs of each product.

Among these:

  • water hoppers
  • separators (desoilers)
  • de-stoners
  • polishers
  • vegetable washers
  • drum washers
  • washing-peeling machines

    The sanitization of fruit and vegetables, especially fresh cut, is a fundamental issue for producers and processors. If, on the one hand, reducing the bacterial load increases the shelf life of the product, allowing to target even more distant markets, on the other, the guidelines for the use of sanitizers make the use of classic products used for this purpose, such as chlorine, increasingly limited.

    By virtue of this, Sgorbati Group offers systems which, by means of an ECA (ElectroChemical Activation) electrolytic process, generate in situ a powerful bactericide, fungicide, yeasticide, sporicide, virucide: Sanodyna®

    To increase the shelf life, the final product must be subjected to drying the excess water left over after washing. For this application Sgorbati Group provides various specific solutions for individual products. Alongside drying machines that use conventional techniques, such as centrifuges, we also provide air jet solutions.

    Compared to other available systems, our solutions guarantee optimal operation with a relatively low energy requirement.

Washing and drying

Handling and preparation

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