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Onion processing lines
Onion processing lines

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Sgorbati Group’s offer for onions is made up of a wide range of machinery and equipment for harvesting, handling, storing, processing and weighing. Whether you want to get peeled or sliced onions, onion rings or slices or shallot purée, each of these processes can be fully automated using our machines. Everything that your company needs for Onions processing line.

Onions handling

Onions handling

Depending on the variety that has been harvested and that will have to be processed, it is advisable to have the appropriate machinery for transferring the onions inside the warehouses.

In fact, especially for more delicate and more prone to “bruising” varieties, it is essential to carry out the transhipment operations very delicately, under penalty of a large number of rejects. Going from trailers to boxes, or directly to the processing line, can be done with different equipment, but only the right one will allow to do it with precision and gently.

To complete this operation, Sgorbati supplies the best machinery on the market, selected from a wide range and customized based on the needs of each individual customer, including:

  • mobile tippers
  • box/bin tippers
  • box fillers
  • bag fillers
  • wooden crates
Onions handling
Onions grading an optical sorting

Onions grading an optical sorting

Onions calibrations is essential, as for other vegetables, to ensure correct processing and distribution, eliminating or reducing waste.

For this operation a web grader (hexagonal shape) is the best solution, because it allows a gentle and rather accurate sizing of the onions. The use of a roller grader is less common.

It is good to remember that food safety regulations are being tightened more every day and consumers are becoming more and more demanding. The presence of extraneous materials or low quality products is not just a matter of food safety: in times of increasing competition, quality problems can be downright damaging to your reputation.
You want to be able to get as much as possible out of 100 tons of onions, but at the same time you also want to satisfy your customers and the customers of your customers, the consumers.

In short, it is important to optimize the selection process; detect as many extraneous materials and defects as possible and without unnecessarily removing good products.

The solution to do all this is the onions optical sorter.

Onions grading an optical sorting
Onions processing

Onions processing

When we see them ready, in the shape of rings or cubes, fresh or frozen, we never wonder how they got to this point. Yet, onions processing is quite complex and delicate, due to their nature, which involves various layers that are difficult to separate and an acidity that can affect the machines.
To all this we must add the smell that is released and that put a strain on working conditions, as well as requiring dedicated systems for the management of gases (and waste).

Generally, the first operation carried out on this product is the removal of the head and tail, using a top and tailer.

Peeling can take place in various ways; certainly the most correct way to peel onions is the air peeler: Sgorbati offers the best solution in terms of performance, versatility and hygiene.

In special cases, for small quantities or waste products, it is also possible to use an abrasive peeler, which however have less accuracy, or a brushing machine.

Once peeled, the onions will be ready to be sold, or to be further processed into rings or cubes. For this kind of work, Sgorbati Group offers a series of machines, including:

  • semi automatic cutters
  • multi-functional cutters
  • three-dimensional cutters (or dicers)
Onions processing
Onions weighing and packing

Onions weighing and packing

Finally, onions must be weighed using suitable weighing systems. Depending on whether onions are either whole or peeled or cut, Sgorbati will be able to recommend the machinery that best suits your needs. Among these:

  • precision scales
  • weighers/baggers
  • multi-head weighers
Onions weighing and packing
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