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Vegetable processing lines

Sgorbati Group deeply knows vegetables, and knows that each one of them requires special attention and equipment to become the best product on the market, whether fresh or processed (fresh cut or cooked and vacuum packed).

This is why Sgorbati Group is the ideal partner in vegetable processing, with a special emphasis on:

Asparagus processing line

Sgorbati Group has a deep understanding of all aspects relating to asparagus, ranging from harvesting, to cutting, sorting, bunching and processing.

Our long time experience with leading growers/processors, both in Europe and in South America, is your best guarantee when you look for advise to start or to grow your asparagus business.

Carrots processing line

The whole world knows this produce and the wide variety of ways to use it.

But how many know the most effective and efficient way to achieve the end result?

Sgorbati Group, based on thirty years of experience, holds the key to access all the steps to get there.

Potatoes processing line

They are perhaps the world’s favorite food, even for the many ways they can be prepared, but how many people know the best way to store, clean , or reduce them into cubes?

Sgorbati Group is by your side from the moment this tuber, still in the ground, is waiting to be extracted, until the moment it is packed.

Onion processing lines

They are the basic element of the diet in many countries, but few know how to store and the ways of processing them, so that they retain their properties unchanged.

Among these few, Sgorbati Group is definitely one of the first.

Salad processing lines

How many varieties of products and types of presentation are included in this name!

How much knowledge must have been acquired to know how to create each of them.

Sgorbati Group is your ideal partner to explore the many aspects of this vegetable.

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