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Abrasive peelers

  • Abrasive peelers
  • Abrasive peelers
  • Abrasive peelers
  • Abrasive peelers
  • Abrasive peelers

Roller peelers, drum peelers, baket peelers

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    Sgorbati Group has a complete range of abrasive peelers, designed to satisfy the most varied needs in terms of product to be processed and production capacity.
    Roller peeler mod. with drum

    It is a machine with abrasive rollers arranged in a drum which have the function of mechanically removing the skin from the product.
    Suitable for processing:
    – potatoes
    – carrots
    – celery
    – beets
    Roller peeler mod. with cradle

    It is a peeler essentially consisting of a cradle of abrasive rollers covered with carborundum; the rollers arranged on one side rotate clockwise, while those on the other side rotate anti-clockwise: this creates the advantage that the product to be peeled a second time can be loaded from the top.
    Automatic abrasive basket peeler

    Abrasive centrifugal peeler for vegetables, with automatic operation, and with water injection.


    Abrasive basket peeler

    It is suitable for processing small quantities of vegetable products such as: potatoes, onions, celeriac, kohlrabi, etc.


    Multi-disc peeler

    The multi-disc peeler allows to peel: potatoes, carrots, onions, other tubers and roots, partly fruit, such as apples, tropical fruits and other natural products.
    Depending on the model and the product to be peeled, the capacity varies between 0.4 and 1.5 t / h.
    The mechanical peeling process is continuous, and starts with blade, carborundum, or special discs (for onions).

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