Bin tippers
  • Bin tippers
  • Bin tippers

Can be used with all 1 or 2 ton bins.

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    The bin tippers contribute to the optimal exploitation of the capacities of each production line.

    To this end, not only is the synchronization of the feeding of the product to be processed essential, but care must be taken so that the product is not damaged during the unloading phase.
    The bin tippers by Sgorbati Group adapt to any of your needs, working with bins of different sizes and being used as: independent units or hooked to a telescopic elevator.

    A line of stainless steel bins tippers is also available, designed for the primary feeding of process lines, carrying out the transfer of food products, contained in steel crates or bins, into loading bunker, tanks, elevators, augers and other loading systems at the beginning of the line. Available in both fixed and mobile versions, on wheels.


    Do you need more information about this machine?

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