“Men are so foolish that if they get insignificant goods, of no value, and in any case compensable, they accept that they are taken into account and, instead, no one thinks to owe anything for the time he has received, when it is the only thing that not even a grateful person can give back”.



Time Supplier

We maximize your time with customized solutions for vegetables processing.


We are a unique partner with which to confront and overcome the challenge of change, because we are able to provide all of the enablers to innovate and make your business grow, while guaranteeing you stay in control.


We can assure you all this because we have been “genetically reliable” for over 100 years!

Sgorbati Group - Time Suppliers

Solutions for vegetable processing

Strategic Consulting
We support you in the search for solutions that, supported by our attitude for innovation, trigger a real transformation in your company. Because the most advanced methodologies and technologies are really such if they allow you to make the most of every business opportunity... otherwise they are just a waste of time and resources.
Brokerage and Distribution
Thanks to the different professional skills that make up our staff and to the relationships established with the major manufacturers of machines for harvesting and processing vegetables, we can work alongside you as brokers in the definition and purchase of machinery and equipment or in the renewal of existing ones.
Our in-depth knowledge of the market of vegetables growing and processing has also allowed us to establish partnerships with some of the world's leading manufacturers. This is why we are partners with such Companies as: Asa-Lift, BrimaPack, Downs, FtNon, Strauss, Visar, Wyma.
We also offer various second-hand machines, which we directly guarantee.
Integrated Projects
The purchase of a line for vegetables processing involves significant investments; to make this process as efficient and effective as possible, Sgorbati Group puts its know-how at your complete disposal. Using technicians and designers with many years of experience, and the collaboration with leading technological partners, we are able to deliver processing lines in which the various components (most often made by different manufacturers) are perfectly integrated with each other, and respond exactly to your needs ensuring maximum performance with minimal resource expenditure.
After sale assistance
We make reliability our philosophy, for this reason we guarantee a service aimed at solving problems in a short time, through a system of information request and assistance constantly monitored directly by our specialists. We also offer customized machine overhaul programs and scheduled technical assistance. This way you can benefit from our promotions and avoid costly delays in your deliveries, caused by failures due to improper maintenance.
Spare parts
We provide expert and highly qualified technicians, to identify and find in the shortest time a wide range of spare parts, both OEM and aftermarket.
We firmly believe that the knowledge of the equipment and machinery in the smallest details, and the consequent optimal use, translate into an increase in productivity and a reduction in management costs, both direct and indirect (use of labor, machine breakdowns, spare parts, etc.). For this reason we offer training courses addressed to your production managers, to be held both at your premises, and at the headquarters of different manufacturers.